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Ventilation Scotland Dust Control Solutions

Here at Dust Control Solutions Ltd we are one of the most prestigious ventilation companies in Scotland. Our company designs, manufactures and installs ventilation systems for industries in the UK, specifically the Scotland. Dust Control Solutions Ltd have been in existence in its present form for over eight years providing solutions for Ventilation problems.

We as a company have a simple mission statement, to provide all of our present and potential clients, KNOWLEDGE-EXPERIENCE-SOLUTION.

Ventilation Services in Scotland

Ventilation issues can be dealt with the use of the following systems.

Ventilation systems that provide cooling air - systems intended to supply spot cooling for personnel in intense temperatures or environmental hazardous areas.

General ventilation systems, including fume cupboards that handle hazardous fumes.

Ventilation systems providing negative or positive systems, gas turbine ventilation with all apparatus and fans suitable for function if required up to Zone 1, high pressure cooling fans operating up to a pressure drop of 2,000 pa.

Other services available in Scotland

LEV Testing
Fume Extraction Systems
Wood Dust Extraction
Dust Suppression
Dust Control Systems
Dust Extraction
Odour control systems

Our service engineers are available 7 days per week 52 weeks in the year in Scotland and other parts of the UK. When needed, we can supply temporary extraction should a serious breakdown occur.


Dust Control Solutions Ltd is a trading name of Dustcheck Ltd. Company registration number 01365594.
Registered office Telford 54 Business Park, Nedge Hill, Telford, TF3 3AL

Tel: 0141 892 0535
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